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About Us

About Forex Broker Alpari
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Alpari's Top Management

  • Andrey Dashin, Chairman of the Alpari Supervisory Board

    "Being the leader means being held accountable; to the people who work in our company, to our clients and to the community we live in."

    Andrey Dashin,

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alpari RU

    Boris Shilov, CEO, Alpari RU

    "What we do is a coordinated effort; one where we need to work together as a team. So of course, you've got to have a great coaching staff."

    Boris Shilov,

    CEO, Alpari RU

  • Vladislav Kovalchuk, Director of Marketing, Alpari RU

    "Building a reliable brand means building a long-term relationship with your customers. This, in turn, means providing your customers with innovative solutions, high-quality products and a personalized approach."

    Vladislav Kovalchuk,

    Director of Marketing

    Sergey Semenov, Director of Alpari Trading School

    "You never know what you will need to know tomorrow, but you always know what information would have helped you yesterday. That’s why I love my job. Thanks to my work, there are a lot fewer people disappointed in yesterday."

    Sergey Semenov,

    Director of the Alpari Trading School
    (Educational Services License No. 3427)

About Us

Founded in 1998, Alpari is one of the most respected names in Forex, with offices in many of the world’s major financial centers.

Our sterling reputation, dedication to meeting our clients’ needs and innovative approach to business development are some of the driving forces behind our success. Today, as a successful Forex broker, we are trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients.

What We Offer

Alpari gives online traders everything they need to trade Forex and other financial markets:

  • A variety of trading instruments: currency pairs, spot metals, CFDs and more!
  • Trading platforms for independent traders and automated trading.
  • A reliable service allowing you to invest funds in the accounts of experienced Forex traders or manage investor funds.

Alpari Gets Behind Russian Sport

One of Russian athletsAlpari sponsors Russian national biathlon team

In October 2013, our company became the official sponsor of the Russian national biathlon team. The agreement will see Alpari supporting the team for 1-year from the start of the 2013/14 season.

Lean more

Russian Biathlon Union Website

Bringing the Chess Crown Back to Russia

Bringing the Chess Crown Back to Russia

Sergey Karjakin, the youngest chess grandmaster in history, is on a quest to reclaim the world chess crown for Russia. We're doing what we can to help.

"Good for Alpari. Chess really needs to find some new sponsors. That much is clear."

Alexander Zhukov
President of the Russian Olympic Committee

Official Site of the Project (in Russian)

Alpari Gives Back

Help childrenCharitable Foundation

The Alpari Charitable Fund was set up in 2005 to provide vital medical supplies and treatment to children at risk.

The Alpari Charitable Fund (in Russian)

Alpari vs. The Seven Summits

Alpari vs. The Seven Summits

In "Alpari: On Top of the World", our team of mountain climbers managed to set a new world record by conquering the tallest mountain on each continent in just 300 days, unfurling the Alpari flag atop each of them.

"Alpari: On Top of the World"

Our Awards

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